Relationship with NLBIF/ GBIF

In June 2017 a grant of nearly 25.000,- was allocated to DuGOF by NLBIF, in short the Dutch part of the Global Biodiversity Fund (GBIF). This gave DuGOF and especially BRC the long awaited chance for analysing all data from ten years of raptor monitoring (2008 – 2017) near Batumi on the Black Sea coast of Georgia.


First part of the deal is that all data are now exported  to GBIF. In this way these data (about 40.000 records) will be available to other researchers anywhere in the world.

Second part of the deal is that the profound data-analysis results in a publication (as regards contents) in one of the leading journals. Our intention is to publish in Bird Conservation International. Wouter Vansteelant is working on the first draft.

Third and last part of the deal is that DuGOF/ BRC is now partner of NLBIF/ GBIF and as a consequence we guarantee  the future export of new data from monitoring in the coming years. In this respect we are glad the board of BRC recently decided to continue the raptor monitoring for another series of years.