The foundation’s mission is to stimulate and facilitate ornithological research and fieldwork in Georgia, mainly through fundraising and projectmanagement.

There is no intention to make profit. The focus is on creating public value in the field of sustainable development and bird-conservation in Georgia. The realisation of our mission is based on the following lines of thinking:


1. Dutch – Georgian collaboration can be effective if it is organized in a proper way.

Funding for projects is hard at this moment in the Netherlands. Competitionbetween applicants is much higher than before the recent economic crisis.Maximum amount per grant is relatively small and specifically for projectsoutside the European Union the available Dutch funds have many conditions. Socollaboration and combining efforts is amust. This explains why we now have combined management of AKN and BRC in DuGOF;

2. Funding for projects should be embedded in long-term plans. This is part of our policy.

3. Collaboration of Dutch and Georgian organizations needs clear insight in the objectives of all organizations in the projects concerned.