Policy plan 2017-2018

The policy plan for 2017-2018 is still related to the the recent founding of DuGOF. The following are main activities in the plan, because they create the conditions for effective functioning in the coming years:

  • Deepening relations in a network of nature- and bird-organizations, government organizations and fund managers;

  • Starting to make fundraising the main process of activities in DuGOF;

  • Starting to make an inventory of objectives and priorities in the for DuGOF relevant (government-) organizations;

  • General lines of approach in 2018 – 2020. We mention the following:

    1. The primary framework is the 2015 masterplan “Project proposal for Dutch – Georgian collaboration in bird research and fieldwork”.  In 2017 we made a second document, with focus on concrete objectives for  the coming years:  “Project proposal: Avifauna and Field Guide Georgia”;

    2. The second line of approach is integrating the objectives of Batumi Raptor Count in the activities of DuGOF;

    3. The third and last line of approach is continuously analysing knowledge gaps about the  avifaunistic status quo of bird species in Georgia, and contributing with bird counts in specific areas.